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HF operations

Have a question about HF operations? Are you an active HF operator? Here’s a great place to talk about HF rigs, on-the-air operations and much more. If you’re on HF, join in the conversation!

Say HELLO and introduce yourself

Here is a place where you can introduce yourself to other members of the American Radio Club. Tell us what class of license you hold or what courses you are studying. What radios do you have? What are your favorite bands to operate on? How long have you been licensed? We’d love to get to know you!


You’re nothing on ham radio without antennas! Let’s talk about antennas … from wire antennas on HF to yagis on UHF. Any type of antenna is fair game, from long beverages to dual-band mobile antennas. Ready … aim … antennas!

Student Success

American Radio Club’s Student Success team is monitoring this category on a daily basis. Need help with navigating your course? Have a question about membership levels? Did you not receive your tumbler yet? Our Student Success team will assist you. Of course, the quickest method is to drop an email to us at, but this category works well, too! If we require personal information to address your issue, we may ask you to drop us an email after all. But here’s where you can get help!

Mobile operations

Do you ragchew on 2 meters while commuting each day? Do you like to work repeaters along the way while traveling? Here’s a great place to talk about your mobile radios and antennas, and mobile operations. Everyone loves talking while driving. Let’s see your mobile stations, too!

Ham Radio In Your State

The State Radio Category is for discussing local ham radio operations in your state, such as events, making contacts, repeaters, etc.

VHF operations

Are you a fan of the 6-meter, 2-meter or 1.25-meter bands? This is your home to discuss operations from 50-54 MHz, 144-148 MHz and 222-225 MHz. Join in the conversation to talk about radios, antennas and on-the-air operations.


If we’re hams, we have one. A license, that is. Here’s the place to ask questions about our licenses, whether you have questions about renewals, or you are getting ready to take your test and have questions about the licensing process. Have a new license? Show it off!

News and Announcements

Your source for up-to-date American Radio Club and ham radio news and announcements!

Ham Radio Instructional Guides

The Ham Radio Instructional Guides category is for sharing and commenting on helpful instructional guides to help us all learn more and progress in the ham radio hobby. Enjoy!

Ask an Elmer

Have a question about the hobby? Chances are, an elmer knows the answer. Ask away!

Feature requests

Is there something you’d like to see with your online experience at the American Radio Club? We’re listening. Let us know if there is an enhancement you’d like and we’ll see if it’s something we can do. We’re open to all ideas. Just reply here.

Logging and Contesting

Want to share your logging and contesting stories, or find contests near you? Look no further!

General Course Discussion

Studying for your General class license? Here is where you can meet with fellow students and Elmers to discuss any questions you have about:

Working satellites and ISS

Have you worked or tried to work the International Space Station? Have you talked through any of the amateur satellites? Here is your group to talk about space communications!

Technician Course Discussion

Studying for your Technician class license? Here is where you can meet with fellow students and Elmers to discuss any questions you have about:

New Licensees!

Remember that feeling when you first passed your ham radio license exam or got the upgrade?

What should American Radio Club do next?

Have an idea that you think your American Radio Club should try online? We’re always open to ideas! Let us know in this category if you have any ideas for your club. We’re listening! Just post them here as a reply.

Emergency Communications

This category is for discussing ham radio for use in emergency communications, including best practices, working with other government & private organizations, disaster preparation, and more.

Software Defined Radio

Many people get their start with the radio waves by plugging in an inexpensive RTL-SDR into their computer. Others use these to monitor satellites and scan the bands for DX, or as a home APRS receiver. Maybe you have some big iron, like a Flex Radio. Discuss them all here in the SDR category.

Regional Radio

Want to meet hams in your area? Get involved with the thread for your call sign region.

UHF and above operations

Do you love operations on UHF? Whether you’re into FM operations on 440 MHz, or even sideband or CW operations on 432 MHz, here is your place. Operating on the 902-928 or 1240-1300 MHz bands or higher into the microwaves? Join in here. If we get enough microwave ops, we’ll start a channel for it!

Community rules and guidelines (READ)

American Radio Club membership is a cross-section of our entire great country. We come from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, faiths, races and much more. We’re male and female, we’re young and old, and we’re new to the hobby and long in the hobby. We ask for tolerance of all backgrounds in any of our community groups!

My ham shack

Have a photo of your home or office ham shack? (Yes, some hams have a station in their office!) How about a photo of your mobile installation? Here is the place to share your photo with the rest of the community. If you don’t mind, we may even feature your station’s photo on our social media, too! Let’s see those stations!


Let’s chat about Summits on the Air (SOTA) and Parks on the Air (POTA). Heading out to the field? Post it here so others can listen for you. Did you have a great on-air experience? We’d love to hear about it. Share your on-air photos, too!

The Weekend Ham

Do you only have time on the weekend to get on the air? No worries! When you find the time on weekends to operate, what are some of the things you like to do? Listen? Work DX? Ragchew on the repeaters? Experiment? We’d love to hear about the things that interest you when you find time to be on the air.

Extra Course Discussion

Studying for your Extra class license? Here is where you can meet with fellow students and Elmers to discuss any questions you have about:

Baofeng Basics Course Discussion

Are you using our Baofeng Basics course? Here is where you can meet with fellow students and Elmers to discuss any questions you have about: