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If we’re hams, we have one. A license, that is. Here’s the place to ask questions about our licenses, whether you have questions about renewals, or you are getting ready to take your test and have questions about the licensing process. Have a new license? Show it off!

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Who started their ham radio journey as a Novice class operator? I remember getting my Novice ticket and then upgrading to Technician a month later. Back then, the Tech ticket was equivalent to today’s General ticket, essentially. In fact, Novices were required to copy Morse code at 5 words per minute back then. Of course, that got dumped later on.

I don’t go that far back unfortunately. I started as a Tech. I noticed there are about 6,500 Novices still lurking about on the FCC license lists.

222 is a great band for Novices to run on if there is an active 222-MHz repeater in your area. They also have access to 1270 MHz+, but there aren’t as many of those machines around.

We have at least 2 machines on 220 here in Metro Atlanta, and they probably don’t get enough use. We also have a 900 Mhz machine in North Georgia.

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