App integration

I would like to suggest a app, particularly one for the classes. It would make it much easier for those of us with bad internet if we could download the classes, also it would be cool if you could integrate American radio club into it.


@tristanlikes2fly great suggestion - we are almost done with the app! Look out for the official release in about a month. Depending on membership level, we will also incorporate the videos. Additionally we are looking to add a listen on the go feature so you can pop in your headphones and learn while you’re out and about.


Hello James, Devin here,

For the app will we be able to access the community forum as well?


Hi @RadioTechRGK , not at first but the community forum is completely mobile responsive and very easy to use on your phone, so I would recommend just using the mobile version. It’s very tricky to put this style of forum with our mobile app because of architecture considerations. Give it a shot on mobile and let me know what you think!