APRS Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event

Has anyone participated? I know a few hams from my area that are usually on Springer Mtn or Clingman’s Dome. I love Mt. Washington, that would be a great place to be.

16-July-2022 this year.

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I have operated from atop Mount Washington on various bands in decades past. 10M, 2M, 440. You can transmit as far as you can see on VHF/UHF up there. It’s the highest peak in the northeast part of the US. 10M was fun because everyone wanted to work me from atop the peak. This was decades before SOTA, hi hi.

I’ve activated off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and made one VHF contact from Mount Mitchell. I want to do more now. I’m debating that IC-705 you mentioned.


Maybe we can get a bulk discount on the IC-705! :heart_eyes:

I was looking at it again. Thinking about that of the Yaesu 991A.

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I found a new site for this year’s Golden Packet event. July 16, on the air from 11 AM to 5 PM ET.

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