Athens Radio Club - Under the Scoreboard Event!

Now just 24 hours remain until the N1D main event at Sanford Stadium, with those deeply satisfying analog, QSL-card-filling-out, 2-WAY voice communications via SSB. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a dyed-in-wool Dawgs fan, a Gator Country expat living in “enemy territory”, you hum “Rocky Top” in your sleep, you shout “War Eagle” at a puzzled co-worker, OR you’re a complete and total football agnostic…turn those rigs on and communicate with some hams in Athens this weekend. N1D event details at They say the special event QSL cards are suitable for framing.


Off topic but “rocky top” triggered me. Went to one of the first games at the new Mercedes Benz stadium thanks to my wife winning some tickets. GA Tech vs Tennessee. Tech was not up to the challenge and I was soooooo sick of hearing Rocky Top all night that I hope to never hear it again.

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LOL - now it’s ringing in my ears!..


@member45 are you in Athens, maybe you could make this?

Supported by contacts with the group - recovering from surgery.