Cable Recommendation

Would you please recommend a cable from the IC7300 to my PC, I want to see the spectrum Scope on the PC, I know some logging software has that feature but that’s not working for me.
thank you!


This one is a stumper for me. I haven’t laid hands on this rig. You might wan to cross post this to the HF forum as well: HF operations - American Radio Club


This one was recommended, I ordered it and it will arrive tomorrow. Will let you know if it works.

thank you 73

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At least that cable has ferrite chokes on it. That’s always a good thing for the ham shack!

Thank you

I’m actually no closer to fixing this since my first question,

List item

I’ve been emailing back and fourth with RT Systems, expecting a reply today
I have double check that I have the correct RT Systems proprietary cable
updated my PC and made sure all ports have the latest drivers.
installed the RT System drivers
Uninstalled the program and started all over again.

So now my focus is to just connect to the PC so I can use NetLogger and some other software and give up on RT.

I don’t have enough first hand experience to know in which direction to go.

Thanks Everyone