Cadillac Amateur Radio and Computer Swap!

The Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club hosts its Cadillac Amateur Radio and Computer Swap beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday in Cadillac, #Michigan. Details at We’re your #HamfestHelper! Email your #hamfest flier to!


It was a good turnout it looked like. Met some super friendly people, got to take both my Technician and General license tests (Passed both by the way!) Glad I made the hour long trip up.

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Tech and General in one swoop? Nice :sunglasses: share some pics of the event if you got some!

Thank you very much. I did not get any photos of the swap meet. I actually didn’t know it was going on at the same time testing was. Which was good actually because I would have brought (and spent) too much cash.

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