Can I use same cable to split-off into different antennas?

I have already installed a long cable from my office to an attic mounted J-pole. I’m wondering, can I split-off in the attic, before the J-pole, and into a different 10-meter antenna so I don’t have to run another length of cable? Note: I don’t intend to use both antennas at the same time and thinking I might have to disconnect whichever antenna isn’t in use at the time.

Thank you for your advice and also curious, if you think this is a viable approach do I indeed need to disconnect not-in-use antenna to avoid interference if they are on different frequencies?

No. Not a good idea. I would suggest using a remote antenna switch such as ab Ameritron RCS-4.


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Thank you for the info, Larry! I’ve never dug into such a switch so this will be a good rabbit-hole for me to learn more about this approach.


Larry, can you please explain why it’s not a good idea so we can learn. I was looking at doing the same thin. I have a slim jim in the attic and want to put a 20M dipole up there next. I thought a duplexer (switcher) might allow me to run one feed line up to both antennas. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom! -Dave

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Yes, a duplexer will work. And perhaps I didn’t catch that it was an HF vs VHF/UHF question. Sorry if that was the case. I have done that very thing on my IC-705 but right in the shack since my VHF/UHF antenna is right outside my window and the Dipole is a little further away. Saves switching! My IC-7610 does work through a remote switch to select 80m bowtie or the vertical.Again, sorry if I missed that point.

Thanks for the additional info Larry. Very helpful! Can I also trouble you to share what duplexer you use since I’m currently shopping :+1:t2::grin:

See the photo…

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