Connector/Adapter Question

I need some help finding the right connector, I purchased the N Cable (I think that’s what it’s called) - and I have looked and even purchased the wrong ones.

image of cable

I ended up buying this one which worked fine

image of cable 2

Does anyone know which connector to get for the N Cable so it fits my IC 7300.

Thank you

73, KO4ZSE

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If the connector on the back of the 7300 is an SO-239, which the bottom cable with PL-259 connectors on it fits into it, then you simply need an N female adapter to PL-259 male. In other words, the adapter will have an N female port for the N male connector on your cable and then a male PL-259 connector to plug into the SO-239 connector on the back of the radio. Do yourself a favor, too, and don’t buy something because it’s cheap because it may cause you headaches down the road. Amphenol is one respected brand if you see anyone carrying their adapters. If you deal with a reputable amateur dealer, you most likely will get a decent adapter, not some crap from an internet vendor. Hope that helps you! 73


That sure does help, I found the connector - will get here tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you!


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Glad to hear the information helped! 73