Do adapters affect the SWR reading?

Wanted to test my new mobile setup but didn’t have the correct cable. Will using several adapters like this affect the reading?

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Yep, it’s not an ideal situation. Personally, I never go more than one adapter deep when attaching to an SWR meter. Each adapter can result in some loss, which could skew your readings. I often have to adapt from N to PL-259 or Motorola mini to PL-259 to match my cables for my SWR/power meters, but I try not to go more than one adapter for that very reason. Your three adapters, plus the connector for the cable offers too many possible loss issues there that will skew your readings.


Thank s, I figured. It brings up a good topic though, I spent over an hour looking for the correct adapter and nearly lost my mind trying to figure out what connection I had and what I needed. Surprisingly I did t find any resources that show what each connection looks like with good images etc. would be a great resource in this site.

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Can you share the link to what you found? I can look into making something up. “Know your connectors” would be a good article I think.

I didn’t find a single good source. I used Google images, Amazon etc.

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OK, I will see what we can do.

For what it’s worth that crazy 16 SWR, was because when I tightened the NMO mount I broke the solder loose at the base of the mount. Re-soldered that and I’m in business.

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I’ve had that happen with a SWR meter before. I won’t name brands. Good troubleshooting tip.

Looks like you want to connect two female PL-259, one from the cable end and one to your meter? I have that same meter, BTW.

If so, I’ve ordered a male to male connector from Amazon: DHT Electronics RF coaxial coax adapter UHF male to male PL-259 connector Pack of 2 : Electronics

If not, disregard everthing I’ve assumed.

Regarding signal loss or higher SWRs from multiple adapters, I’ve seen Youtube videos that demonstrate this. The differences were barely detectable, and he tested with more connectors than you have. But there is debate on this topic. I suppose it mostly boils down to the quality of connectors you hook up. There is a greater chance for a bad one when you have a bunch.