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Hey everyone, I got my license a couple months ago and I am slowly getting necessary equipment for ham radio. I have a beyofang UV 82, but it does not have the Power I need for most of the places I operate. I am trying to decide whether I should get a amplifier or a mobile/base unit. I want around 50 W output and the ability to mount it into a vehicle. Does anybody have any thoughts? I have a budget of around $100. If anybody knows of any good deals or has suggested radios to look into I would appreciate it. Thanks

Tristan KK7FGN

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You won’t get a mobile radio for $100 that puts out 50W, especially dual band. If you spend up to $150 you might find a new Chinese import radio, but it probably will be 25W. If your budget is $100, you’re probably only going to find a used monobander (2M). You could get an amp, and spend a little north of a C note, but it will be only good for one band and with a UV82 driving it, you might be lucky to get 25-30W out.

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Thanks chuck, what is your take on buying used radios? Is it worth it? Also do have one you recommend ? I get that it won’t be in the price range I mentioned but it looks like I may have to consider spending more anyhow. Thank you


With the terrain around Bonner’s Ferry you will be better served by 2m than 70cm. Single band 80w yaesu is under $200 at HRO. I use it in the hilly part of Maine. UHF doesn’t do so well in the back county terrain

Thanks member5, I will look into it. What are your thoughts on buying used?

Buying used is always a crap-shoot. I bought used equipment when I first got my license to “save” money. None of it lasted very long. I would have been better off buying a new radio to start with. K1NBT

Take a look at the little QB-25 or DB-25 put out by Radioddity. They are both right around the $115-120 mark for the “Pro” package which includes a Diamond mobile antenna for the price. (You have to pick up the cable and mount… usually less then $40.) I picked up teh QB-25 this week and am really impressed with it. Covers 2m, 1.25m, 70cm, and the 300-350MHz band which we do not use in the US, but you can use that slot to plug in weather radio bands to listen to if you want. They have good reviews, great sound, and pretty good reach for only having 25 watts. Frankly I tossed mine together to get programmed (Using CHIRP) on my computer, ran the co-ax out the family room window and stuck the magnet mount antenna on a big ol’ cookie sheet and tossed it on the roof by the window. EASY to reach repeaters that are 25+ miles away here on the western side of Michigan. Sign up on their site and you can get $10 off, or find a review on good old Youtube and some have a $15 off code you can use.

Thank you @scott1, I will look into it. Does anyone have any thoughts on a problem I am having with my mag mount. I tried to put it on top of my garage roof and got horrible signal. The odd thing is that 20 feet away on top of my truck it works great and if I climb on top of the hill so that I am level with the roof my whip works great. Any thoughts, does it have any thing to do with ground plane? I just had it balanced on the peak with a bolt under one side to level it. Thanks


Most likely the lack of a ground plane. Find a decent sized (doesn’t need to be big) piece of metal, stick the mag mount in the center and give it a shot. Mine I was using is about 20" X 24"

When you put up on your garage try putting the magmount on a baking sheet. As scott1 mentions it is probably needing a ground plane.