FCC Fee Change and License Renewal

I was just looking at some information in email about the FCC change to a $35 license fee. Here’s how I read it:

  • If your license is expired and within the 2 year renewal window, renew before 4/18 to avoid the fee.
  • If your license expires before June 29, 2022 - Renew now to avoid the fee.
  • If your license expires between June 30, 2022 and July 17, 2022 - Renew the first day possible to avoid the fee.

Also, the same goes for those who would like Vanity licenses, now is the time to file.

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Does this apply if you are upgrading your license? Say from tech to general, would we pay a $35 fee even if the license is current?
Thanks, Mark

No, upgrades are considered an “administrative change” like an address change, those are no charge.

You pay for a new license, your renewal and for a vanity call application,

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