Fictional Call Signs

I’m fascinated with call signs and I was gathering some fictional ones. Would anyone care to add to this list:

W6XRL4 - Herman Munster of “The Munsters” (he’s good in QRZ too!)
KA0XTT - Mike Baxter of “Last Man Standing”
K762XAA - Willie Tanner / ALF of “ALF”
W2QYZ - Frank Sullivan in “Frequency”

WA3QIZ - Seymour Skinner of “The Simpsons” - Homer also used ham radio in an episode.

“Family Guy” also references Ham Radio in a couple of episodes. Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire and Rich Little are also a hams but we don’t learn their call signs.

I’m sure I am missing a bunch, jump in and add the ones you know.


David Mirkin, one of the producers of The Simpsons, was licensed as WA3QIZ, picked up when he was in Philly. That’s why his call is used by Seymour. However, another ham now has the call. Surely, a Simpsons fan!

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I would hope so. It would be kind of miserable to be asked if you are Skinner all the time if not.


What does fictional call signs mean

Ham radio call signs of characters you would see in TV or movies. Usually they are call signs that are intentionally incorrect. Like KA0XTT, you can’t have a 2x3 with an X starting the end.

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