Field Day is about a month away. Let’s talk about group Field Day plans:

– Where will your group will be operating from?
– What class of station is your group planning for the weekend?
– Any special recipes for grub?
– Any special plans for FD this year?

Before COVID hit, I had been doing field day with local clubs, either Atlanta Radio Club or the Alford Memorial Radio Club (Stone Mountain). Both have a decidedly different take.

For Atlanta it’s bring a radio and get on the air. We’ll set up whatever we have when we get there.

For Stone Mountain, they do a lot of pre-planning and have separate digital and CW options, 6 to 8 stations on the air. They also do an awesome Saturday Afternoon meal.

I haven’t decided on any of that yet. I might just go to a park and activate AA1RC, the American Radio Club call for fun.

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