Genuine Nagoya UT-72

So I am new on this and I have not much of an idea of what is going on. I am taking my training and probably my question is so dumb that you might consider not even replying to me… but I would ask for your mercy :smiley:

Look I just bought this radio:

BAOFENG BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF)

and the only thing I am doing is listening to the weather channel 162.422 because, still taking my course. I have heard a couple of times some people talking, looks like they were working and in another location someone were asking for a “station backup” or something, in a different frequency.

I am only using the default antenna that came with the radio.

So I thought that it will be nice to increase my reception while driving my car with this antenna:

  • Frequency Range: 136-174MHz, 400-520MHz; Optimal Frequency Range: 140-170MHz, 420-470MHz
  • Wave: 1/4λ (144MHz) - 5/8λ (430MHz)
  • Gain: 3.5dBi
  • Max power: 80 Watts
  • VSWR : Less 1.5:1
  • Impedance: 50 OHM
  • Connector: SMA-F & PL-259
  • Length: 20 inches

Really cool magnetic base and good long enough cable.

********* THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: Is this type of antennas only for RF that start with 144.x Mhz and 430.x Mhz?.

Because the weather channel is on the 165.400Mhz and this antenna does not improve its reception at all. Actually if I remove this antenna from the base and I touch the base with my finger the radio gets better reception! :slight_smile: — so I am wondering if “I am an antenna” jk, being serious the real question is:

This antenna:

  • It’s only for frequencies that starts with 144 and 430?
    *The repeaters frequencies that I would like to hook later on are in the range of 145.xx, 146.xx or 147.xx and 440.x 441, 442, 443 and 444.x , they are not 144 or 430 so will this antenna improve my reception and transmission?
  • Is this 144 n 430 an expression that implies those above frequencies as well?
  • So the weather channel on 165.x will not be beneficed with this antenna?

Thanks for your help guys!


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Some quick responses, @carito:

The weather broadcasts received on 162.400 (or is that 162.425 in your case?) all broadcast with 500 to 1,000 watts from tall towers in every area they serve. You shouldn’t have any trouble hearing it no matter what. Other weather channels for you to check (in addition to the two shown above) are 162.450, 162.475, 162.500. 162.525 and 162.550. You may find one of them to come in much better than the others. Most areas of the USA are served by multiple NOAA weather transmitters.

Keep in mind the ham bands for your radio are only 144-148 and 420-450 MHz. Always be careful not to transmit on other frequencies once you get your ham license.

I assume you are looking at the “genuine” Nagoya UT-72 offered by BTECH. They are a reputable dealer in the USA. There are overseas vendors offering counterfeit versions of antennas, so be careful who you buy from.

The antenna’s specs show 430/144, but that’s OK. They basically are saying it covers the 70-cm and 2-meter ham bands. So yes, it will cover all the ham frequencies in the two bands. And it does offer gain, so that’s good! It will help you hear more and get out your signal better. The best place to mount a magmount antenna is in the center of your car’s roof. If you mount it on the trunk or cowl, you will have reduced effectiveness, and the antenna may actually be radiating in one given direction, rather than being omnidirectional in the middle of the roof.

FWIW, using a handheld antenna inside your vehicle is never a good idea because the signal has to bounce around all inside that metal before any of it can escape your vehicle. You will find you will have diminished capability. An outside antenna is a must for mobile operation to ensure others can hear you and you can hear them, too!

We wish you well in your studies.

  • You are right with the weather broadcast channels.
  • the outside antenna is fantastic but my car has a sunroof and I can not set the antenna in the center, only in the top rear.

Tuesday is my exam online, I will let you know how it goes!

thanks for the advice in regards transmitting in my allowed frequencies, I will be respectful.


@carito The top rear of the roof of your vehicle probably is the second best location for your antenna. We wish you the best on your exam! You’ve got this!

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Chuck thank you!

Guess what? I passed the test! 31/35 not bad I would say :smiley:


That is GREAT! Congratulations on passing! We’re very excited to learn of your success. You’re going to have fun.

Be sure to watch this video when you are ready to make your first contacts on the air: How to Make a Contact on Ham Radio The Easy Way (Using Simplex) - American Radio Club.


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