Good, affordable mobile/portable transceiver for 2m/70cm?

Can anyone recommend a good mobile for 2m/70cm that could be used at home or on the road?

I’m a new ham (Technician) and am not looking for anything too expensive. I don’t foresee needing anything permanently installed in a vehicle. But I’d like something more powerful than the relatively cheap HTs I have now.


I know a lot of people look down on them, but I really… really like the little radios put out by Radioddity. I picked up the quad-band mobile radio (QB-25) for $119 including a Diamond quad band antenna. They do have a dual band one as well (DB-25). It does not come with antenna mount or the co-ax. But it is a 2m/1.25m(220 band)/70cm as well as 300-350MHz which are NOT HAM bands in the US so you can’t use them, but you can program in any of the other frequencies into that slot if you want. Mine really reaches out for only having 25 watts, wish it were 50 watts, but it is still WAY better than a HT. Small enough you can toss it on a desk, haul it out to your vehicle, even throw it into a backpack if you want. When I mean small, I really mean SMALL… 5" front to back, 4" side to side, and 1 1/2" tall. Microphone is kind of cheesy feeling, but sounds good to others from what I have been told so far.

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Try looking inti the yeasu 200& 300 i have heard good things about them.The 200 is $399 at HRO i think the 300 is a bit cheaper both are 50 watt. Can be used as either a mobile or base

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While I like the Radioddity QB25, I really think the AnyTone AT-778UV is probably one of the best of the low cost mobile ham radios. The AnyTone is just a little more money, but I think the quality of the radio is enough better that I’d really like to see the two radios in a side by side test. I don’t have the test equipment or I’d do it myself. Just my 2 cents. :wink:



I, like you, have just gotten started in the hobby as a newly-minted ham. Welcome aboard! I also just pulled the trigger on an Icom IC-2300H radio, for $219.95 from So far, I like it alot. Four power settings, up to 65w, and it’s a mobile radio, so you can put it in your vehicle, or mount it in your shack with a power supply. I’m using mine in the shack wired to a powerwerx SS-30DV, and it works great!



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Thank you, Ed and 73.

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Hi Brandon,
Welcome to the hobby. I started with a TYT9800. It’s a quad Band radio 2m, 70cm, 10M and 20M. I never used the 10 and 20 meter stuff before I put it my vehicle. I bought a Yaesu 991a for the base. But in my opinion the TYT9800 is a great first starter radio. It’s around 250.00 or so. I got it from DX Engineering. Good luck in your search. Again, welcome to the hobby.

Mike - W7QAG

Thanks, Mike! The quad band does look interesting.