Greetings everyone

Greetings everyone,

Lenell here from mid Tennessee. Currently studying for technician license. Was around Ham radio and attended meetings in my early teens but never got licensed. I was involved in Civil Air Patrol in my mid teens and did search and rescue so I have some experience with radios and repeaters as I was licensed to use their frequency. I owned a yaesu, ft411e back then that is long gone. Looking forward to seeing how technology has advanced in this arena in the last 25 years as well as getting into the hobby as well as potentially volunteering for emergency services.

Looking forward to refreshing old knowledge and learning new things



That’s what it’s all about!! Learning, having a great time, and advancing the art of amateur radio.

Southeast members are going strong!

We’ve got quite a few search and rescue folks here too! @ChuckARC

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Welcome aboard, Lenell. CAP has migrated a lot of their comms these days to digital, sometimes even with encryption. That’s the world we live in now. I am an officer with our county sheriff’s SAR team in Illinois and run our comms. Like CAP, we’re going to migrate to digital comms with encryption, too. Hope you enjoy the club!