Hard time learning phonetic alphabet? I made a tool!

Hey there - new member here in MKE/WI.

I was having a hard time memorizing the phonetic alphabet - sure the class gave an image (which I made as my desktop background for a while - thanks guys!). But, I thought I should make flashcards… and then I thought maybe I should see if I can help others who might have this problem (or am I the only one who took forever to memorize this??)

So I made https://learnthephoneticalphabet.com/ - which has a chart and a flashcard system (you can use them online or print/download them). I was thinking about making a ‘game’ too - but I’m not sure what the game would involve. (Ideas?)

I’d love any feedback the community has and look forward to joining in here and there :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool! Awesome site. I think the way I learned was primarily from being on the air. It doesn’t hurt to have a cheat sheet in your vehicle or shack to refer to, but when you have to use it, you just learn! The first thing to learn is your own call sign. You HAVE to know how to give that phonetically over the radio. Next, learn your first name because you also may be giving that over the radio if you don’t have a super common first name. Once you learn your call and first name, you’re going to have anywhere from a quarter to half the phonetic alphabet memorized. :slight_smile:

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Good notes! I have a reminder up that I’ve been practicing my own callsign even during work (try not to do it during meetings… :wink: ).