Hello Alaska hams from North Pole, Alaska

Hello Alaska Hams: just joined The American Radio Club and didn’t see much Alaska activity so I thought I’d drop a line and see if anyone else is willing to post here. I live in North Pole, and as an Extra I’m always trying out various aspect of ham radio, all modes, and bands.


Welcome up there in KL7 land! Glad to have you as a member.

Thank you very much, from the land of the midnight sun. Our sunset will be sometime in late August now … so, I’ll enjoy the bands when they are active and hope to get other Alaska hams interested in this site! May God richly bless you all.
de Mike AD7VV


How much different is propagation given your solar situation. No 80 meters?

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The bands right now seem sporadic to dead. 20 meters three days ago was alive with a plethora of digital activity, and I was able to make a voice SSB contact with a ham in California on my FT991A … I’ll get the QSO info when I get home, I’m at the cancer center right now … the rest of the bands have been dead. Take into account our sun doesn’t set until late August now …: later my friend. 73 Mike AD7VV

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Field day was a bust as propagation was not good at all; all the bands were dead, not even much digital going on. We’re at the top of our sun cycle and starting now to lose daylight a few seconds every day until Mid-August when we start losing minutes per day. By September we’ll start having less and less daylight and by December we’ll have o average 2 1/2 hours of “daylight” per day.

Wow. Sorry FD was bad for you. I was hearing stations from Georgia as far as Eastern Washington but nothing beyond that. No Hawaii either.