Hello everyone... name here is Jerry

Hello to everyone. I’ve been a member since April and enjoy reading all of the posts and responses, without the malarkey associated with other forums. I truly appreciate the commoradery displayed here…

I grew up around HAM radio and was a MARS operator while in the service. It wasn’t until my first shore duty that I finally buckled down and got my Novice ticket… then Tech+, and General. I am slowly gathering steam for the Extra ticket.

My current call was my Grandpa’s.
I was lucky enough to have QSO’d with him several times, via morse code, prior to his passing. He was always my becon when it came to electronics and cool stuff. He was an Electrical Design Engineer for Delco back in the day.

Anyway, looking forward to contributing and gaining much needed knowledge from you all.


Welcome Jerry,
Congrats on acquiring your Grandpa’s call sign - that’s what I call a great legacy!