Hello from West Tennessee and Maybe Above West Tennessee

Hello everyone! I’m a new member of the American RC but, I’ve been a ham since I was 13 years old. I’m now 65! I live in the rolling lands of Tipton County TN which is a rural area West of Memphis. I have 2 - 65’ towers up on my acreage and several long wire antennas and a vertical mounted in the center of my metal barn.
I’m a member of the Delta Amateur Radio Club, the ARRL and I’m a very experienced pilot.
I have over 27 years in the Air Guard flying C-130s, own a Piper PA-32 Cherokee 6, and still fly charter and corporate jets. I have an Icom 2 meter rig installed in my airplane and can talk to many a ham from 10,000’.
I currently own a new Anytone mobile DMR and will be installing it in my pick up. My currently HF radio line ups are a Pegasus SDR, ICOM and Yaesu HF solid states, a full Heath SB series station with SB-220 amp, a full KWM-2 Collins station with linear, 2 complete Hallicrafter’s stations, a fully operational Henry Linear, and a whole bunch of other “stuff”. I still believe the old radios that “glow” have better performance and are actually more fun to power-up, tune-up, run and keep repaired.
I’ve still not figured out how to get the old HF radios to operate out of the airplane!

I look forward to getting to know many of you. If you hear my call on the air, just give me a hollar…that’s what it’s all about!

Thanks and 73,

WoW Dale, with your setup description you are the envy of many in the ham world!
Welcome to ARC!


Thanks Mark. Nothing special, just got set up over a few years. I became a ham in 1968 and a pilot in 1976. Flew C-130s for 27 years and retired a Col.

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