Hi/Greetings to Tennessee Members

Hey Guys and Girls, Devin here,

I wanted to create a topic as a way for us to connect. But on the flip side of things, I hope you all are well and have your radios use. I also want to shout out to American Radio Club for this as a resounding moment for us as the community to connect and go forward to the future w/ great success in the radio family.

Bless you, all happy Stars and Stripes!!!


Hi @RadioTechRGK , thanks for joining! You’re the first to post in the new Tennessee category! You will be our Tennessee ambassador for the meantime. I used to live in Nashville myself before moving back to my home state of Georgia. I hope you enjoy the club and we will see more Tennessee members joining in the near future!

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Rodger that James. I will keep that in mind and thank you for giving me the recognition.