I am new hear and just wanted to say hello!

Hi! I am new hear and just wanted to say hello to everyone! I am studying for the technician exam which will be tomorrow! I have studied on and off for several months, but began to study seriously last week, every day and every night.

I average about 85% passing rate when I take those practice exams.

Have you any suggestions for me before I take the exam tomorrow?



PS My dream is to successfully study and complete my General License within the next two weeks? Is it do-able?


how was the exam? did you pass it? I am new into this I am taking my first course and I am on the section three “Radio Waves” way behind ya! :stuck_out_tongue: - Regards!



Thank you for your reply! Yes, I took the exam today online and passed the exam so I am super happy about it!

Now I plan on studying for the General Exam for the next two weeks and take that exam too!

Good luck and keep up the good work.


FANTASTIC!! great news! CONGRATS. Hard studying will help to increase the Good Luck! :smiley:


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Congrats - I see you passed the tech! Keep studying and take the general as soon as you are ready - lots of good study tools here!

KO4UAL Georgia

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Very doable. Congratulations on your Technician license. I took both Tech and General on the same day and passed. Then 3 weeks later passed my Amateur Extra. The courses offered here are very good and they are one of the ones I used to study. If I can do it… ANYBODY can do it with a bit of studying. Keep us informed.