Installing J-Pole. Need advice on location and grounding


I’m about to install a J-pole to my house and was thinking about attaching it to the electric-service pipe with a long aluminum pole, between the J-pole and AC-service pole, in order to get it above the roof. Before I attempt this I thought I better ask an Elmer if this location is 1) beneficial for optimal reception vs simply locating out in the middle of my backyard, 2) will the aluminum pole suffice as a ground or should I put a ground-strap from J-pole to AC-service pole, 3) Would it be beneficial to isolate J-pole from aluminum pole and ground J-pole, separately, 4) or should I avoid the AC-Service pole, altogether, and mount it off the chimney?

I know that’s a lot so thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!


I’m not an elmer.But I would definitely stay away from anything concerning power. When installing an antenna. You could get unwanted interference on your transmission. Plus electrical shock is another hazard. If it was me I’d mount it out to itself and stay away from power lines. KO4WZC Sam

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Thanks for the input, Sam!

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You are welcome. KO4WZC

I would concur … stay away from power. It’s too dangerous and doesn’t mix with amateur antennas. You might be better off getting a ground-up mast and attaching an eaves mount on the roof line to stabilize it. J poles are good antennas.


Thanks for the input, Chuck. You guys confirmed my gut-feel which felt I better get some more opinions on that idea! I did a test last night & placed inside my attic, 6’ from any metal, and it performed very well. I may decide to keep of the roof altogether…or at least until the weather drastically improves.

Thanks guys,



Nothing wrong with attic-mounted antennas. Sometimes they work just as well as an outside antenna, especially at or about the same height. I have a receive antenna attic mounted for a cross-band receiver and it does very well – almost too well!


Hi, As an electrical engineer, please stay away from your home’s AC feed pipe. You run the risk of both leakage that interferes with your transmission/reception plus the obvious risk of high voltage leaking back into your radio from induction. Attic is good, outside is better as long as you properly ground either.