Introducing myself

Hello and hope everyone reading this has a Good Day today. My name is Lisa and I’m a General WA2THT but I’m not an Extra nor an Elmer and couldn’t hold a candle to my beloved 50+ years Elmer “my Father WA4AIW“ who is gone, but not forgotten. One day I’ll get my Extra but until then I’m content with General. Mostly because I get distracted easily “oh look a feather”, but I am not dumb. Please don’t take my kindness for weakness. 73’s


Welcome @shaboobooisme and thanks for joining the community. In my mind, an Elmer is not someone who knows everything, just someone who knows something you don’t. I’m sure you could show someone how to make an HF contact or use an HT for example.

Good to have you with us and don’t forget to check out your state forum for local happenings.

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Hello JimARC. Not sure how much help I’d be, as I am introverted on questions asked to me, afraid of giving the wrong advice. I had always assumed my Elmer/Father would take the wheel if I ever had any challenges. Now I’m left with recoiling everything he said/taught me. He truly was the best Elmer to many and I do not want to disappoint him even though he’s out of his body away from all worldly possessions. I’m sure through time, I will warm up to questions asked of me, probably be after my Extra tho?

P.S. Thank You & ALL for the Warm Welcoming.