Issues Obtaining FRN from FCC

I’m new to all of this but I’m looking forward to becoming proficient and I’m ready to learn. I have finished studying for my technician’s license and passed the practice exam with no problems. Now I’m ready to take my in-person exam in the North Georgia area. That said, I am having major issues with the FCC website; it will not allow me to register for my FRN. I have completed the registration form (2) days ago but never received any email communications from the FCC. I re-registered the following day and still have not received any communications (yes, I checked my spam/junk folders: smirk:). The kicker is that I have tried to reset my password and the automated response that I receive is “Username is not registered”. I attempted to register again and receive an auto response “Username is taken”. You can’t make this stuff up; all I want to do is obtain my FRN so that I can take my test in early August and begin communicating! Thank you all ahead of time for any insight you may have.