Long Wire for the HF win!

I have a Yagi, but it doesn’t always cover the bands I want then I am operating. I’ve worked on setting up a Folded Dipole that lets me operate all the way down to 3.5 Mhz. I’m on a small lot so that may be it, but trying to get it a little longer down to 160 Meters. When the weather gets better, right?

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Real hams put up antennas in the winter, hi hi!

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Can we compromise on spring? Though I need to help @jamesARC with some lines before his trees blossom. I found a nice end fed antenna for him.

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If I could find the right portable antenna, I might have to think about a portable HF rig this year. My Icom IC-746 has been in storage since I moved, and it’s nowhere portable. I’ve had fun on a 10-meter handheld once in a while, but the conditions have to be just oh-so-right!

I really like my BuddiePole to operate portable. It’s only let me down once and that was because of a stray wind gust that broke an element. I also need to think about a smaller radio. I’ve had a Yaseu 817 and a Elecraft KX3 but I like to bring a little more power to the game. It might be time to start shopping again.

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That might be a possible antenna for me. I’ve looked at it before. For the radio, I still have my eyes on an IC-705, only because it literally can run off what essentially is an HT battery and I’m OK running QRP from the field.

I use a jackery explorer 240 with my ic-705 and laptop, dont forget the 705 drops to 5w in its internal battery

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Running QRP on the 705 is a definite plus with that rig. In fact, if you have an ID-52A, it can share the battery. :smiley:

Hi Everyone, I purchased a 2M7X Yagi directional antenna from M2 at a ham fest, I thought this was a HF antenna and later I find out it’s a UHF/VHF. (Newbie mistake) I’m keeping the antenna but can someone recommend a decent HF antenna to start off with.

73 K04ZSE


Are you specifically looking for a directional HF antenna? If yes, I’d say look for a “spider beam” type antenna. It’s a hassle to assemble, but it is directional on multiple bands. I’ve done two. I thought the SpiderBeam branded one was easier to assemble, but some of the plastic parts did not hold up for me. I did the MFJ version and while more durable, it was way more of a hassle to put together.

If directional is more of an option, start with a nice dipole or end-fed antenna. Lower maintenance, on the air in less than an hour in most cases and you really can work the world off of them.

Thank you, I’ll look into it.

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