Looking for pointers on how to use my BTECH DMR-6X2

Hello, I saw a post in the Welcome forum that this would be a good place to ask if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to use my BTECH DMR-6X2 HT radio. Specifically, how to set up channels, zones, and how to use repeaters.
I’ve been messing with my radio for a couple weeks and I’ve learned bits here and there, but I’m still not confident that I have things right.
If there is a better forum to post this, please point me to that forum.

I remember that the Anytone 868 and Btech DMR-6x2 are very similar.

BTECH DMR-6x2 and Anytone AT-D868UV, Side by Side - YouTube (Hamradio 2.0) talks About how similar they are.
My suggestion would be to check out the Bridgecomm systems YouTube channel. They have dozens of videos on setting up the radio and using the software (CPS)

You can get a lot of great training by checking these out. I also have a Beofeng DM1701 and the software looks just the same. and the features are very close.

Thank you for the advice. I will make sure to check out that site.

@Bob-KK7DSO They indeed are similar radios as the BTECH version comes from Anytone and is rebranded for sales in the USA. Among my many DMR radios, my fave is the BTECH 6x2 because it typically offers new features before the Anytone. However, there are indeed differences between the two and you can’t use the software for each on each other to build a code plug because of the differences. But for sure, seek out Anytone videos for an assist and make sure things translate to the BTECH. The thing about building code plugs – and I have done such for many different models, especially in testing for the Chinese manufacturers and vendors – is that unless you have everything perfect, a code plug will not work. You might do best “borrowing” someone else’s code plug to see how they do it to see where you are going wrong. If you don’t assign a channel to a zone, it won’t be there. If you don’t have the right color code or time slot, nada. If you don’t set up the talkgroup correctly (some you need for transmit and receive), it won’t work. DMR is a fun mode that allows worldwide comms from a UHF HT, but it can be frustrating getting there. There are plenty of groups on Facebook where you can seek out assistance, including a group for the BTECH HT. Check John’s website at miklor.com, too, for anything DMR. He’s got GREAT info there.

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Thank you for that information. I had heard before the BTECH 6X2 was just an Anytone that was rebranded. However I did not realize that they were different “under the hood”. I will use your info to help me learn my HT.

Thanks again!

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Check out PNWDMR they are a local org with repeaters that carry various talk groups (I think they have one very close to you) , they also provide code plugs for their systems.

Take a look at the Youtube Video from Smoking Ape on intro to DMR, you’ll need that basic taxonomy to build your code plugs.

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Thanks for recommending the PNWDMR info. I have noticed from RepeaterBook and RFinder that there are 2 or 3 repeaters (fairly) close to me. I intend to go to the next meeting of Island County ARC in April, so maybe I’ll get some face-to-face training from an Elmer!



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No worries, if you’de like I am also happy to jump on a zoom call with you and take you through DMR programming, etc, I use a couple of hotspots across a couple of DMR networks.

I work with tech all day and it still took me a solid couple of weeks to get my head around DMR.


Thanks for sharing, @K7NGS!

That is awesome @K7NGS !!