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I am having trouble understanding the math equation for calculating RMS voltage using resistance and power. I don’t understand the symbols used in the formula P=V^2/R. How exactly does this translate? I know P = Power, V = Volts and R = resistance, but what does the ^2 mean? I’m sure it has something to do with square root, but I can’t figure out the 2. Can anyone help? This question is from Lesson 5 of the General course. Thank you !

It’s an exponent…for example 2^3=8 …(2x2x2=8)…Good luck

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@cmerun444 I agree with @Jim_K4JLN. The formula is trying to say:

Power (P - Watts) equals Voltage (V - Volts) squared divided by Resistance (R - Ohms)

So as an example let’s say we have 12 volts and 10 Ohms for simplicity:
Power = (12*12)/10
Power = 144/10
Power = 14.4 watts

Now I’m tagging in @jamesARC because he is the Electrical Engineer on the team, but I feel pretty close.


Thank you for your help! I was really stumped by this one. Been a long time since math problems in school :blush:


Thanks! It was a hard one to figure out!