New radio shack

I just got my station set up, but I’m not receiving much. What signals I do pick up are faint and noisy. I hired a communications company to install my antenna, but I suspect my antenna is the problem. Granted, I have one of those multi-band antennas, but I still should be picking up something. They installed it while I was at work and they mounted it to my deck on the second floor. It sits about 30 feet from the ground, but just below my rooftop. Is my antenna the problem?

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Need more info. Is it a tri-band yagi, a long-wire or a multiband dipole? What is the feed line and length?

Either way you should hear something on all bands as a starting point.

Jeffrey, K2MIT

I am picking up more today, some very clear, but still getting a lot of static and most of the signals I’m picking up are distant and weak. I have an MFJ-2389, 8-Band Compact Vertical. I’m beginning to think it’s operator error and not my equipment. :slight_smile: