New Technician Videos Upcoming - Looking for feedback!

Hi All! Jim - N4BFR here. I am just getting started on a rewrite of the American Radio Club Technician Level course here with my co-workers. You’ll probably see my face in the videos too. We’re gearing up for the new question pool starting July 1.

Many of you have used the the class here or over at Ham Radio Prep to get licensed. As I get started I’d like to hear your feedback on what changes might help. Some things I am looking at:

  • Make the videos a little more conversational
  • Try to add relevant examples
  • Work on the flow of topics. Move relevant things together even if it’s out of the order of the question pool.

I’d like to do all this without significantly increasing the length. So a 15 minute video would likely max out at 17 minutes.

I’ve already jumped into the pool on the writing, so don’t hold back on your feedback. Thanks!

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I used the Ham Radio Prep videos to study for my Tech and General exams. The technician videos were pretty helpful, even though at times it felt like just a recitation of correct test answers. The most helpful videos are the ones that go to a little more effort to explain the material and use graphics that demonstrate the theory. For people that want to stop at Technician, this is probably enough to pass. So, in one respect, I’m not sure you need to make major changes.

However, as I got into the more complex parts of the general study materials, I could barely follow along because the presenter was just throwing a lot of words at me and not explaining basic principles, theory, or using a lot of exhibits or charts. It was hard to maintain focus or comprehension. You could tell that he knew what he was talking about, but I think understanding was sacrificed for an effort at brevity. Ultimately, I spent a lot more time on YouTube watching replays of longer courses which was much more helpful. And since there are no video materials for Extra on HRP, I watched YouTube exclusively and passed it with a week of studying.

So, what I’m getting at is that I think providing a little more of the basic theory/physics of radio would be helpful up front in the technician materials to help to understand later materials.

Thanks for asking! KO4YFC 73


Great comment thank you. I’ve worked my way through writing 3 of the 10 lessons on Technician now. Trying to add in more of the “what this means” without making the videos go on for hours. It’s a balance right. I am finding that moving some of the material around can make it easier to go through, grouping it in logical blocks. Hopefully this helps future exam takers.