New to Ham Radio

I passed the Technician and General, however no experience so I’m here to learn

Thanks Everyone


Welcome! We all started there. What are you interested in?

Hi Jim, I took my Tech and General exam, passed them both and my name should show up in the FCC Databased this week. I purchased a UV-5R watched a ton of videos on it and it seems all I get is FM and NOAA. I downloaded and have been playing with RTL-SDR. I have ZERO experience at this point. Also, I plan on getting me a IC7300 once I have a call sign. My questions is there is SO much information and so many aspects of the hobby - I’m not sure what to focus on. I’ve been self educating myself on antennas. So many roads to choose. Thanks for reading.

Also, a little about me, Served 20 years in the Marines and another 20 in the USDA, now loving retirement.


Hello everyone! I’m Bob KK7DSO and I’m a newly licensed Technician operator. I received my license in February of 2022 (about two months ago as of this post).

I bought a BTECH DMR-6X2 about a week before I got my license and looked at it yearningly the entire time before I got my license!! :rofl:

I just recently, about 2 weeks ago, joined a local Amateur Radio Club and I have participated a few times in the Daily 0900 Roll Call. This Sunday there is a local marathon that is a qualifier for the New York Marathon and Hams volunteer to provide comms during the event. The club I just joined are the volunteers, I will be there too! :grinning:

I have also just purchased a mobile radio (TYT-9800) from another operator I met here, on American Radio Club! He lives in a neighboring city and will send it to me sometime this weekend. I look forward to having a mobile unit in addition to my handheld.

I look forward to chewing the rag with everyone!


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Welcome, I’m also new and just from reading previous post I am picking up more knowledge

73, K04ZSE


Welcome @Bob-KK7DSO and @agfinguy!

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Hello and welcome to the world of Ham Radio. 73 KI5JVA

I’m also new at this! I don’t even have a radio yet!