Radioddity GS-5B HT

I chose this HT because it looked user friendly, had dual PTT, Bluetooth programming and USB charging. I’ve not had an easy time of programming it, probably due to me being new to the hobby. I have not yet figured out how to program a simplex frequency on the fly. Can anyone help? By the way, Backcountry Amateur Radio videos have been helpful and I appreciate them!

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I’ll admit I haven’t touched one of these but I like the looks of it from a durability and easy to read perspective.

I downloaded the manual from here.

It was not really clear to me from the manual where you switch between MR and VFO, only that you can do that. They only thing it says is
“Channel selection
There are two modes of operation: Frequency (VFO) mode, and Channel or
Memory (MR) mode.”

Then there’s this about the keypad:
“In Standby status:
Input frequency in VFO mode
Input channel number in Channel mode”

Here it is:
“VFO/Channel switch
In standby, long Press [MENU] Key to switch between VFO and channel mode.
If the channel list does not have a valid channel number, you cannot switch
to channel mode.”

Interesting. I might have used one of the side buttons. Looks like they are programmable.

Hi Jim and thank you very much for the thoughtful response! I enjoyed the Simplex video, too. I’ll take a look at the material you have forwarded and keep working toward understanding. The GS-5B feels great and is rich with interesting features; I’m sure I’ll get there! Thanks again. Steve


The channel and frequency modes can be independent on each channel (one can be in channel mode while the other is in frequency mode). In frequency mode, dial in with the keypad the channel you want and then in menu set the direction and the offset. The menus are different for setting when in channel vs. frequency mode. I highly recommend after setting a channel you go into Menu>Channel Storage>CH-Edit Name and set the channel name so you can see when on a channel what it is. (Can only do this when in the Channel mode) When assigning I decided to use a series of letters after the channel to tell me if it is a repeater etc. and where. For example:
145.130 is KS3R repeater and I set the channel as KS3R.AL (Allegheny County)
147.345 is W3PLP set as W3PLP.WA (Washington County)
So as I travel I can select a repeater for where I am.
Just a suggestion.

Thank you for the guidance and advice. I replaced my Radioddity with a Yaesu FT-70DR. The naming convention you recommend is interesting and helpful. thank you kc3txd!


Out of personal curiosity, what made you decide to replace the unit?

Sure. Good question. I liked many things about the GS-5B, especially the design, rugged construction, dual PTT, screen, charging and programming flexibility, but, I also found (probably my error) that the Bluetooth programming and desktop cable programming did not sync perfectly. Again, it may have been my issue. More importantly, I do not believe I could receive Fusion network digital and that is where most of the traffic is in my city, on the Kansas City Wide Room. Finally, I purchased it as an open box, because new radios were not available, or so I thought. Anyway, the radio had some deep scratches on the screen, which bugged me and I will say that Leslie at Radioddity was very helpful and accommodating. Thanks for asking.

Good information, thank you. Originally I had an issue with the sync to PC but got it sorted out when I realized that Bluetooth had to be off for the cable to work. I am not all that impressed with the phone app but it does work if you l know how to program it (I am still learning with a long way to go.) I have the AnyTone 878II Plus for digital, I only found out through my own ignorance that it is also capable of 2M and 70CM reducing the need for other radios. It is definitely easier and nice to program via the software. Thanks again for sharing the info :slight_smile:

Thank you for the conversation. We have a local Ham Radio store and they were promoting of the Yaesu line and also offered to help with questions as they arise. I appreciate that close service. I am so new to the hobby that I am grateful for any help.

I too am brand new to the hobby. I agree wholeheartedly that any help is appreciated. Is the handheld your only radio?
I have several mobile versions.

Yes, but I’ll be on the lookout for a used base unit this weekend at the Hambash here in KC.

Sounds like you are not far from Whiteman Air Force base. My son is serving there. I am trying to get him into HAM radio so we can try to see if we can get our systems to communicate that far. Only issue is for that far we would both need our General license for HF I believe and right now I have the Technicians.

Whiteman AFB is 60 miles to my SE. You may want to try to reach the Kansas City Wide Room through repeaters. If you google Kansas City Wide Room, you will be able to see the frequencies. It is Digital Fusion and they get check-ins from all over the world.

Still working on how to find specific rooms in my DMR. It probably not as confusing as I am making it out to be. I only just learned to put an analog channel in it and got it on our local repeater. As long as I learn something new everyday, it gets more and more fun trying to figure out how things work. Always worried I will key into something I am not supposed to.

My apologies, but I didn’t see this post come up earlier. I had tested one of these GS-5B HTs for Radioddity prelaunch for them. On the surface, it’s seems like a robust unit. However, I had continual issues with the Bluetooth app that prevented me from properly loading programming from my phone to the HT. I liked it because it allowed me to use it not only for amateur use, but also for comms with my search and rescue team. In addition, it’s yellow, which isn’t a bad thing for an SAR handheld! The app really was the shortcoming for me, and I worked with the developers to get it working, but never realized full functionality. I am assuming they have made updates since then, but the HT has just sat in my shack unused since. When the time comes for me to go back to semi-retirement, I may play with it some more. It’s a sharp-looking unit, but it does take some time getting up to speed with it.

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