Radios and equipment

Hello … Jennie KN6SRE here … just saying HELLO… a new TECHNICAL CLASS LICENSE … I have Beofang UV-5 & UV-82 and a AT-D878UVII PLUS DMR … and loving every minute of HAMMY Stuff !!!

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Hiya Jennie. Welcome to the gang! I picked up that same Anytone at Dayton last month and I am still learning it. I’d probably learn faster if I didn’t skip around to other projects (haha). What kind of contacts have you made so far?

Hi Jim,
I have NOT even used this radio yet … it’s not even programmed yet … hope to have help with this very soon … nice to meet you!

Jennie KN6SRE

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The programming can be a challenge. Post in the board with questions.

Welcome Jennie!
In S. Cal. you should have plenty of repeaters to choose from! Have fun!
de K04UAL

Thank you Mark KO4UAL … yes you’re right … I am surrounded by them … wish me luck!
Jennie KN6SRE