Should ARC offer a local club directory?

Hi ARC members, we are looking to add a feature for a local club directory and create a portal where local club admins can manage their clubs, chat with members, recruit new members, etc

I’m curious if any ARC members here are also members of local clubs? Would this be something that would be useful? @VIP would be interested on your thoughts here!

A directory would be nice. It may make it easier to find one nearby, but as far as communications/management, I think it would be a benefit to smaller clubs, where resources are probably scarce for them. I’m a member of my local club, and it’s large and those functions are well established. But overall, getting another option for new hams to find a local club would be beneficial, to get involved locally is a great benefit. Being able to sit and talk to someone about something or issue, especially for me, has helped me learn beyond books and tests.


I’m a member of the Athens Radio Club. Here’s the info for those that are interested - be sure and check out the updated web page!
Services: VE Sessions
Specialties: /
Address: P.O.Box 782
ATHENS, GA 30603-0782, County: Athens-Clarke
Phone: (706)255-5636
E-mail: at