Simplex frequencies

I know the band plans list all the possible simplex freqs but what are the “usual” ones that I should program into my radio for SoCal ? Besides the two national calling freqs

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I don’t know about S. Cal, however here in Ga. I joined the local radio club and have picked up information on local nets, resources and popular freqs. May want to find a local club.
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Unfortunately my local club seems to be on life support. They cashed my check though

Indeed, that’s one of the reasons we need to get younger folks involved. Our club probably has an average age of 60+.

Here’s a post with all the simplex frequency groups from the Southeastern Repeater Association.

Northern CA Band Plans: Overall Band Plan
Southern CA Band Plans: SCRRBA Band Plans
SOCal 2 Meter Band Plan:

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Thank you for sharing that @JimARC , very helpful!

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