Sort of an antenna topic, but actually antenna tower

I have been given the ok (wife’s permission) to purchase a tower to place in my yard.
There are a few used structures for sale within a hour or so of my location. So I am wondering, first if they are a good deal, and second which would be most suitable.

The first offering is a tilt over and crank up 3 section tower, the person has 2, both I am told are 60ish feet. I is down at ground level the other is still standing. They appear to be in good overall condition from the photos. $500 each.

The second is a Rohn 45G it is 50 feet tall. The top section has a “small split in one leg that can be welded” It is $1500.

The advantage of the crank up tower is I could do any service from ground level, no climbing required.

The disadvantage is it is lighter duty than the 45g, it will need guy wires, it is 20 feet collapsed so it will require the rental of a large trailer or some other way to transport.

The advantage of the 45 is its robust structure, minimal guys will be required and it breaks down into 10 foot sections that I can carry in my utility trailer.

The disadvantages are service requires climbing, and it has the “small split in one leg that can be welded”.

Both towers will have to have some guys as there is no building to anchor against.

Would anyone like to offer their thoughts?