Stopping by to introduce myself

Trying out the club. Been licensed since 1961 (minus the gap everyone experiences, as family and career take precedence). Previous calls: WNN0LMO, KA0KUZ–and now, K5CQA. 70 years young and I have big plans. Right now, I operate an IC7300 (Doesn’t everyone?), some old VHF/UHF equipment, an end-fed multi dipole, and Diamond duo-bander. I’m good on QRZ.


Welcome to American Radio Club! We’re the future of amateur radio and we’re glad you’re on board. Love seeing your old Novice call of WN0LMO. We hope you see all the great stuff we have on our site – and perhaps learn of other things that are available if you become an Operator, Insider or VIP member. 73

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Welcome! I’m glad to see you! Yes, the 7300 is a popular radio for sure. What are some of the things in your plans?