Strange Antenna Challenge Memories

It’s been a few years since I have heard this event have a lot of emphasis behind it, but around 2009 I was enjoying participating in it. I found a picture of one of my antennas and I thought I would share. Strange Antenna weekend used to be over Memorial Day.

That’s a string of Diet Coke cans. I used the cans as a vertical and curtain rods as a ground plane. The tricky thing was holding them together and transporting them. I had to sand top and bottom of every can to make sure I had connectivity. I drilled 2 holes and ran a string through them Then I tied them off like a amusement park snake toy. I seem to recall getting into South America from Atlanta. Not an unusual contact but it was a fun project.



That looks like a lot of fun this project.

its always fun being creative and finding ways to communicate with strangers, right?

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Absolutely! One other one I really liked was a dipole made from metal crutches, I think that was good on 6 meters.

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I had a trucker friend who pulled up to a truck stop one night and loaded the metal light pole illuminating the area above his rig. Needless to say, he worked some HF from inside the cab that night. :slight_smile:

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I seem to recall someone connecting to the metal on a stadium and making contacts. I am sure that would work but it seems like a bit of an urban legend. I still have the cans in a tote in my shed. Maybe one day that antenna will rise again.

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@JimARC, I’d say that you could call your antenna a Cantenna, but that obviously was a product sold in the past by the venerable Heathkit and today actually refers to a type of antenna designed for use in wifi networks. Maybe you could put your SODA antenna on the air for SOTA! :grinning: