Subtitles on the HamRadioPrep General course?

I just started the General course on HamRadioPrep, and unlike the Technician course, there do not seem to be subtitles on the video lessons. I liked the subtitles (and the blue text) on the Technician course as a way to emphasize the important bits.

I looked and can’t find a way to activate the subtitles on the General course. Am I missing something?



The subtitles were new with the Technician lessons and produced right on to the master video. The General course was produced late last year before that idea came up. Will take that suggestion to the team.

Thanks, @JimARC. Love the courses!

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Subtitles in progress!! Should be finished by end of week! @JackARC

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WOW! Really? Thanks—that will be a most welcome improvement to an already great class. I’m grateful!

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WE are grateful to have you here!!

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