Welcome to American Radio Club

Welcome to American Radio Club, the fastest growing community of amateur radio hobbyists. Here you can ask questions about amateur radio and get answers from experienced operators (Elmers), discuss technology, and share cool stories and experiences. If you are brand new to the hobby and want to learn more, this community is for you. If you are experienced in the hobby and looking to connect with others, this community is for you too!

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This is a great thing!! I recently got my technician’s license and am studying for the General test. I look forward to getting to know y’all and learn all that I can about HAM radios!!


Welcome @BrianM64 !! Happy to have you! Anything in particular you would most be interested in? HF maybe? We are building some new videos so we can be sure to accomodate :slight_smile:

There is so much out there, where do you start? My head still spins with the band chart and remembering who can do what and where they can do it. HF would definably open up options. Looking forward to learning a lot more from this group.

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Brian, I’ve been focused a lot on General and the things you can do with HF, we’re putting together a video that should be out before long. It’s a lot of choices, right? Do you have a radio yet?

I have a handheld YAESU FT-65R, with a DUAL BAND 2M / 70CM SLIM JIM ANTENNA (16’ roll-up antenna). Also trying to make the time to take the General test too.


That looks like a nice sturdy HT. The kind I’d want with me if I was doing some sort of public service event. It should be great for repeaters.


Glad I found this, hopefully it grows and gets bigger and better.


Welcome @krypton_son , thanks for being a member! We’re headed for top national club :sunglasses: please share feedback anytime and we hope you enjoy the club!


I have let my license laps and need to know what i need to do to get renewed.

Fred Longo

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Welcome @fredlongo88 - check out this post about how to renew your license, it should help you out! How to Renew Your Ham Radio License - American Radio Club

Hi, My name is Sandy. New here myself. I just started taking this course… Loving it!!!
I live on a farm, so, finding time and energy is problematic. But, I will persevere!!!
Thanks for having this free version to get my feet wet with. I grew up with CBs so, I have kind of an idea… Lol!!! Anyway… heres to hoping Ill be chatting with some of you someday!!! :blue_heart: